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Title: Interior wetlands of the United States : a review of wetland status, general ecology, biodiversity, and management
Authors: Giudice, John H.
Ratti, John T.
Keywords: Biodiversity
Biological diversity
Freshwater wetlands
Interior wetlands
Natural communities
Stewardship and management
Interior United States
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
Series/Report no.: Technical Report (Wetlands Research Program (U.S.)) ; no. Technical Report WRP-SM-9
Abstract: Ecosystem management and the conservation of biodiversity has become an important public-policy issue in the United States. Although national attention has focused on terrestrial ecosystems, wetlands are an important component in efforts to conserve biodiversity. Freshwater wetlands support a diversity of plant and animal species, including a third of the nation's threatened and endangered species. Wetland managers are being asked to place more emphasis on biodiversity and natural community characteristics, while simultaneously maintaining other wetland functions and values. To effectively meet this challenge, wetland managers will need to understand the principles and concepts of conservation biology and ecosystem management. This report was compiled to provide Corps field and District-level personnel with a primer on the ecology, biodiversity, and management of freshwater wetlands in the United States. An overview is provided of the principles, concepts, strategies, and techniques necessary to preserve, restore, create, and manage natural community and biodiversity characteristics of nontidal, freshwater wetlands. These interior wetlands include marshes, potholes, swamps, bogs, fens, and riparian systems. General information is also provided on wetland definitions, classification and inventory, status and distribution, general ecology, functions and values, and programs affecting wetland conservation.
Description: Technical report
Gov't Doc #: Technical Report WRP-SM-9
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