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Title: Larval fish dynamics in a riverine wetland of the lower Mississippi Basin
Authors: Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-
Killgore, K. Jack
Konikoff, Mark A.
Keywords: Backwater wetlands
Larval fish
Larval fish habitat
Riverine wetlands
Mississippi River Delta (La.)
Species diversity
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
Series/Report no.: Technical Report (Wetlands Research Program (U.S.)) ; no. Technical Report WRP-SM-10
Abstract: Physical habitat and more than 17,000 recently spawned fishes were sampled from a backwater and a stream in which connections are regulated through a water control structure. The backwater remained isolated for the duration of the spawning season, creating subpopulations of wetland and riverine fishes, allowing fish-habitat relationships to be described for discrete locations along a wetland-riverine gradient. Backwater assemblages were dominated by mosquitofish, sunfishes, threadfin shad, crappie, and black bass. Stream asset.oblages were dominated by minnows, sunfishes, buffalo, gizzard shad, and darters. Chronology of peak larval abundances was buffalo and black bass; darters; crappie, shad, and early spawning sunfishes; early spawning minnows including Asian carps; late spawning sunfishes; and late spawning minnows including blacktail shiner. Cover, depth, turbidity, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, and temperature were each correlated with larval abundance of several taxa Habitats differed among taxa and between subpopulations. Wetland-riverine connection prior to 1 May will enhance fisheries by providing habitat for spawning buffalo and black bass. Reconnection after 1 July will increase biodiversity by providing spawning habitat for nearctic minnows. Intervening isolation will reduce influx of exotic species, gizzard shad, and centrarchids already abundant in the lake.
Description: Technical Report
Gov't Doc #: Technical Report WRP-SM-10
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