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Title: Propagation and establishment of aquatic plants : a handbook for ecosystem restoration projects
Authors: Aquatic Plant Control Research Program (U.S.)
Smart, R. Michael.
Dick, Gary Owen, 1956-
Keywords: Aquatic plant establishment
Aquatic plant restoration
Aquatic plant management
Aquatic plant propagation
Native aquatic plants
Restoration ecology
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: Unlike natural lakes, reservoirs generally do not have well-developed aquatic plant communities. As man-made ecological systems, reservoirs are relatively young and often lack aquatic plant propagules of appropriate native plant species. These man-made systems are also operated to achieve specific project objectives such as flood control, navigation, etc. As a result of these reservoir operations, water levels often fluctuate dramatically, making natural establishment of aquatic plants from seeds difficult or impossible. Reservoirs are also frequently populated by large numbers of opportunistic omnivores such as common carp. Grazing by these omnivores and aquatic herbivores may be too intense to allow natural establishment, particularly in light of the low numbers of propagules and relatively harsh environmental conditions offered by many reservoirs. In order to establish a diverse native plant community, robust propagules of desirable aquatic plant species must be introduced into selected, favorable environments and be provided with protection from grazing during early establishment. This handbook provides general information on production of aquatic plant propagules and methods of planting that should facilitate the development of diverse native plant communities. An appendix provides specific information on propagation and planting of selected native aquatic plant species.
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