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Title: Some characteristics of pressure fluctuations on low-ogee crest spillways relevant to flow-induced structural vibrations
Authors: Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research.
Locher, Frederick A.
Keywords: Hydraulic design criteria
Low-ogee spillways
Pressure fluctuations
Hydraulic structures
Spillway vibrations
Hydraulic gates
Publisher: Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Contract report (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station) ; H-71-1.
Description: Contract Report
Abstract: The primary objective of the experimental program reported herein was to determine whether pressure fluctuations induced on the face of a low-ogee spillway under various flow conditions are a possible mechanism for the excitation of spillway vibration. Some of the more important terms and concepts used to describe spillways are defined in the interest of clarity. The principal conclusions of the study are : (1.) Pressure fluctuations on the spillway crest with flow at the design head for the spillway shape did not display an unusually high RMS value or alarming trend in the specta and are probably not a source of excitation of spillway vibration. (2.) The discharge coefficient for this spillway configuration does not increase significantly for ratios of the head on the spillway to design head for the spillway shape, H𝖾/H𝖽, greater than 1.0. It is recommended that the underdesign of low-ogee crests proportioned according to data on plates 26, 29, and 34 in Corps of Engineers (1965) Hydraulic Design Criteria with 0.3 ≤ P/H𝖽 ≤ 0.57 and a geometrically similar location of the downstream apron floor not be permitted. It is cautioned that these conclusions and recommendations are applicable only to uncontrolled ogee crests, since the effects of gate piers, gate slots, etc., were not considered in this study.
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