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Title: Snow beams and abutments using Peter snow
Authors: Dartmouth College. Dept. of Civil Engineering.
Stearns, Stephen Russell, 1915-
Keywords: Snow
Snow construction
Snow beams
Snow abutments
Snow construction
Publisher: U.S. Army Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Research Establishment.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: SIPRE report ; 55.
Description: Technical Report
Summary: The results are reported of a pilot study in August 1957 at Site 2, Greenland, to determine the feasibility of roofing a plowed trench 8 ft wide with beams cut from Peter snow, to study the deflection of the roof beams, and to test Peter snow abutments under direct vertical load. Tapered beams 8 ft long were cantilevered over the trench to a distance of 4 ft singly and in opposed (haunched) pairs, with and without slush cementation at the median joint. The single cantilever beam showed a linear time-deflection relation, with a deflection rate of 3.15 cm/hr under severe loading and flexural stress of 1.5 kg/cm^2 without immediate failure. The haunched beam without slushed center joint behaved similarly, the 2 halves apparently acting as individual beams. The deflection rate was 1 mm/hr for the first 3 days, decreasing to 0.7 mm/hr for the last 8 days. The deflection curve for the double slushed beam was similar to that of a plastic material. A rapid but decreasing deflection rate was recorded the first day, becoming constant at 1.58 mm/hr after 20 hr. The computed allowable abutment loading was 1150 lb/ft using a safety factor of 2 and the smallest failure load measured in 4 tests.
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