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Title: Vibratory surface loadings on a viscoelastic half-space
Authors: San Fernando Valley State College. School of Engineering.
Lee, Tung-Ming.
Keywords: Loads (forces)
Soil mechanics
Soil dynamics
Vibration tests
Shock waves
Wave propagation
Mathematical analysis
Mathematical models
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Research Report
Abstract: Wave propagation generated by vibratory load on a homogeneous, isotropic, linear viscoelastic half-space is studied. The effect of a single concentrated force and a group of forces applied over a circular area has been examined and solutions of the displacement functions are presented. In the case of the group forces, the three types of force distribution used by Reissner and Sung were employed. At a great distance (far field) from the applied load, surface displacements are reduced to closed form expressions. A field method based on these results is recommended for determining the complex modulus and the damping property of a viscoelastic material. For areas near the source (near field), numerical procedures were employed to evaluate the integral solution. To facilitate the application, two simplified versions are provided for calculating the center displacement under the load. They both provide good approximation to the integral solution and, most important of all, they speed up the computation enormously.
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