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dc.contributor.authorFeldt, E. D.-
dc.contributor.authorBallard, Geoffrey E. H. (Geoffrey Edwin Hall), 1932-2008-
dc.descriptionResearch Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: A consolidation theory is developed for an age-hardened snow under uniaxial stress in the porosity range of 35 to 55% by considering one mechanism, viz., viscous flow of interparticle bonds. For a uniaxial stress σ, the differential equation for porosity 𝐧 in terms of time 𝐭 is shown to be 1/(1-𝐧) 𝐝𝐧/𝐝𝐭 = 𝐯σ𝐧/η (1-𝐚𝐧) where 𝐚 and 𝐯 are structural parameters and η is the coefficient of viscosity of ice. Comparison of this equation and the integrated form with existing data predicts consistent and reasonable values for 𝐚. The predicted values of η/𝐯 range from 10^-2 to 10^2 times the published value for η, which may indicate that 𝐯, and hence the consolidation rate, is greatly affected by the diagenetic history of the snow and the conditions of experimentation.-
dc.publisherCold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)-
dc.publisherEngineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)-
dc.relation.ispartofseriesResearch report (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)) ; 181.-
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dc.titleAn approach to the consolidation of snow-
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