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Title: On isothermal flow of air into a partially cased rectangular snow trench
Authors: Yen, Yin-Chao
Keywords: Snow
Snow permeability
Air flow
Snow trench
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Research report (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)) ; 167.
Description: Research Report
Summary: In a previous paper, Yen and Fisher (1963) developed an expression for evaluating the quantity of air flowing into a partly cased rectangular porous trench of constant permeability. The flow was assumed to be isothermal, steady and two-dimensional. The formula is Q = 2(K1'/2K1) (k/µ) (ρavg) (ps - pw), where Q is the mass flow rate per unit length of the trench, K1'/2K1 is a configuration factor; k is permeability, µ is viscosity of air, ρavg is tne average density at mean pressure; and ps and pw are the air pressures at the trench top and the uncased trench walls respectively. The configuration factor in this earlier work was arrived at by considering the effects of depth to the impermeable layer, d𝓵, depth of the trench, dt, and depth of the trench casing, dc. In the present study, however, values of K1'/2K1 were determined which included the effect of half trench width b as well as d𝓵, dt and dc. It is found that in any practical analysis the effect of trench width is not negligible and should be considered.
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