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Title: World areas more humid than the Canal Zone during the wet season : (Note 3 of "Studies to aid TECOM in analyses of environmental risks to materiel")
Authors: Ohman, Howard L.
Keywords: Mean monthly dewpoint temperature
Humidity stress
Areas of exceedance
Hot climates
Risk analysis
Material testing
Cristobal, Canal Zone
Howard AFB, Canal Zone
Tropical testing
Issue Date: Oct-1974
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Research note (U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories) ; ETL-RN-74-8.
Description: Research note
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to show the severity of humidity, expressed in terms of dewpoint, in the Canal Zone, site of the U.S. Army Tropic Test Center, in relation to other tropical areas. Extensive areas of the tropical and sub tropical regions of the world experience a level of humidity stress during the month of highest mean dewpoint in excess of that reported at either Cristobal or Howard AFB, both in the Canal Zone, during the 7-month long wet season. Of these, southern Asia and the Amazon Basin of South America stand out as the most prominent areas of exceedance in terms of both extent and contiguous coverage. As shown on the maps, the areas of dew point exceedance are most widespread when determined by comparison with a mean dewpoint value of 74°F, the Td at Howard AFB for all months of the wet season (May through November). As a set, the three maps illustrating the study can aid in determining the validity of test results obtained at sites within or near Cristobal and Howard AFB.
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