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Title: Estimation of Demands at the Pool Level
Authors: Boyer, Kenneth Duncan
Wilson, Wesley
Keywords: Shipping
Three-dimensional imaging
Three-dimensional modeling
Mississippi River
Illinois Waterway (Ill.)
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources.
Abstract: This paper summarizes the results of investigations into the demand for the transportation of corn on the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterways during 1991-2002. This study is of interest for two very different reasons. First, there is ongoing interest in making physical improvements to this particular waterway system, and elasticities of demand are in important element in the valuation of the benefits of infrastructure development. While it is not the intent of this paper to do a benefit analysis or infrastructure improvement, in the pages below, we will describe how these elasticities can be used in such a study. Second, of more technical interest, are lessons that can be learned about practical techniques for freight demand estimation. This study used the extraordinarily detailed data generated by movements on the waterway, which, along with the simplicity of the system, should be an ideal setting for demand estimation. If there are difficulties in the exercise with almost ideal data in the simplest of all networks, then the difficulties will be even larger when the techniques are applied to more complex networks with less detailed data.
Description: IWR Report
Gov't Doc #: IWR Report 05-NETS-R-03
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