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Title: Economic and Environmental Considerations for Incremental Cost Analysis in Mitigation Planning
Authors: Greeley-Polhemus Group
Keywords: Environmental management
Environmental protection
Wildlife habitat improvement
Economic aspects
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources.
Abstract: This report is a product of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers "Planning Methodologies" research program managed by the Institute for Water Resources (IWR) which is part of the Water Resources Support Center. The "Incremental Cost Analysis for Mitigation in Planning" is the specific work unit for which this report was prepared. This work unit focusses on investigating the issues, problems and techniques relevant to conducting incremental cost analysis for mitigating fish and wildlife losses resulting from Corps water resources projects. The intent of incremental analysis is to provide information vital to the choice of the overall level of mitigation, as well as to the choice of a particular plan that accomplishes that level. The focus here is on formulating cost effective increments in mitigation, that is on developing the "supply" of mitigation. Although developed to assist mitigation planning, the approaches discussed are equally applicable to environmental restoration and enhancement, or indeed to a wide variety of problems for which the supply or cost of production of environmental outputs is desired. Supply, in combination with empirically or subjectively estimated "value" or demand (not discussed here), can establish the economically appropriate or "justified" quantity of environmental outputs.
Description: IWR Report
Gov't Doc #: IWR Report 91-R-1
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