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dc.contributorStrategic Environmental Research and Development Program (U.S.)-
dc.contributor.authorBalbach, Harold E.-
dc.contributor.authorKeane, Elizabeth L.-
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dc.descriptionAbstract: The SERDP Ecosystem Management Project (SEMP) was initiated in 1998 by the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP), after a 1997 workshop on Department of Defense ecosystem management challenges. After the workshop, SERDP allocated initial funding to a new project, titled the SERDP Ecosystem Management Project, designated as CS-1114, which changed in mid-2005 to SI-1114. This report records the many changes that occurred in the SEMP Project in the year 2005. All the original SEMP research projects have completed their funded work and final reports were received during this year. As reported in the 2004 SEMP annual Report, significant change took place in almost every aspect of SEMP program management and execution during 2005. The response to the comprehensive external review of SEMP is reported as these changes have been implemented. New SEMP research projects are no longer being funded within the SEMP budget, but will be separate Statements of Need through the normal SERDP process. Two workshops were held at Fort Benning in January and February 2005 to identify more critical installation needs; Fort Benning staff, SEMP researchers, TAC members, and several outside experts reviewed these results, which resulted in a redefined re-search plan for 2006 and beyond.-
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dc.titleSERDP Ecosystem Management Project (SEMP) : 2005 annual report-
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