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dc.descriptionTechnical Reporten_US
dc.description.abstractAn investigation to evaluate impacts of the release of dredged material on . phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthic macroinvertebrates, and fish was conducted in Lake Erie off Ashtabula, Ohio, from June 1975 through September 1976. Samples and measurements were taken prior to, during, and after the release of materials from a hopper dredge during August 1975 and May 1976. The pelagic biota (phytoplankton, zooplankton, and fish) along with primary productivity were only mildly impacted and recovery was relatively rapid. The benthic communities were altered with the decline of some species and introduction of new fauna transported from the dredged sites. Within a year species diversity had largely returned to predisposal levels. However, the community structures were slightly altered. These changes were similar to those noted in marine environments exposed to dredged material.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipDredged Material Research Program (U.S.)en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsPREFACE i i CONVERSION FACTORS, U. S. CUSTOMARY TO METRIC (SI)UNITS OF MEASUREMENTv PART I: INTRODUCTION.A-l BackgroundA-l ObjectivesA-2 PART II: SITE DESCRIPTIONA-4 LocationA-4 GeologyA-4 Dredging ActivitiesA-4 SamplingA-5 PART III: EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN AND SAMPLING SCHEMEA-9 PART IV: METHODSA-13 Phytoplankton EnumerationA-13 A-14Pigment Analys A-14Measurement of Primary Productivity Elutriate-Primary Productivity BioassayA-15 Pelagic Zooplankton EnumerationA-17 Benthic InvertebratesA-17 Data AnalysisA-19 PART V: RESULTSA-21 Effect, of Disposal of Dredged Material onPelagic Flora and FaunaA-21 Effect of Disposal of Dredged Material onthe Benthic FaunaA-32 PART VI: DISUCSSIONA-62 Impact on Pelagic CommunityA-62 Impact on Benthic CommunityA-65 Dredged Material SourcesA-69 Importance of Life CyclesA-74 PART VII: SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIOA-78 LITERATURE CITEA-83 TABLES A1-A15 FIGURES A1-A78 APPENDIX Al: TAXONOMIC KEYS AND DESCRIPTIONS USED IN THE IDENTIFICATION OF FLORA AND FAUNA ENCOUNTERED AT ASHTABULA, OHIOA-194 APPENDIX A2: ASHTABULA SPECIES LISA-197 APPENDIX A’: EFFECTS OF DREDGED MATERIAL DISPOSAL ON FISHESIN OFFSHORE AREAS PART I: SITE DESCRIPTIO1 PART II: METHOD3 Sampling Procedures3 Fish Egg Bioassays8 Sampling Design9 PART III:- RESULTS11 Species Composition and Abundance11 Egg Mortality Studie18 Feeding Behavi20 PART IV: DISCUSSION28 PART V: SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS33 39LITERATURE CITED AND SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY TABLES 1-21 FIGURES 1-41-
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dc.subjectDredging spoilen_US
dc.subjectDredged materialen_US
dc.subjectAshtabula (Ohio)en_US
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dc.subjectDredged Material Research Program (U.S.)-
dc.titleAquatic disposal field investigations, Ashtabula River disposal site, Ohio : appendix A : planktonic communities, benthic assemblages, and fisheryen_US
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