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Title: Physical and Economic Feasibility of Nonstructural Flood Plain Management Measures
Authors: Johnson, William K.
Keywords: Flood control
Flood damage prevention
Publisher: Hydrologic Engineering Center (U.S.)
Institute for Water Resources (U.S.)
Abstract: This report presents the findings of an investigation into the physical and economic feasibility of eleven nonstructural flood plain management measures. These measures were selected from a larger number of possibilities principally because they appeared to be the ones being used most frequently and limited time and budget necessitated a reduced number. As a result of a detailed examination of each measure, some general conclusions and observations regarding nonstructural measures were reached. These are discussed in Chapters 1 and 2 under concept and characteristics and should serve as an introduction to the subject and to some of the related problems and questions. Chapters 3 through 13 examine each nonstructural measure in detail. Each Chapter contains a description and illustration of the measure, a discussion of its physical feasibility, an engineer's cost estimate, an evaluation of its economic feasibility, a summary of advantages and disadvantages, and a list of important references. In some cases it was impractical to estimate cost. In these cases only the cost items were identified. The evaluation of economic feasibility was made by comparing estimated costs with damage reduced. Cost estimates included only essential items in an attempt to estimate a minimum cost. Damage reduced was computed using 1970 Federal Insurance Administration depth-damage and 1974 elevation-frequency data. This gave a maximum damage reduction estimate. Using minimum cost and maximum damage, an "optimistic" estimate of economic feasibility was obtained. Where it was impractical to make a quantitative evaluation of feasibility, some general observations are presented. Appendix A contains the detailed damage analyses used in establishing economic feasibility. There are numerous variables to consider in estimating expected annual flood damage and Appendix A presents findings on the sensitivity of damage estimates to each of these variables. These data should be useful to any person desiring to understand or estimate the significance of a particular variable on flood damage estimates. It should be pointed out, however, that the computed damage values are based upon generalized elevation - frequency and depth - percent damage data and should not be used in estimating damage where site specific data are available. Appendix B contains a summary of the engineer's cost estimates for selected measures. Appendix C contains information which was developed during the investigation and which it was thought would be useful to anyone investigating forecast, warning, and evacuation as a nonstructural alternative. Appendix D contains similar information on construction materials and methods to reduce damage. A bibliography of papers, reports, texts and other literature collected during the study is cited alphabetically in Appendix E.
Description: Technical Report
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