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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04Tombigbee River : River Miles 81.0-76.0 sediment management studyBrown, Jasen L.; Davinroy, Robert D.; Nguyen, Ivan H.; Rhoads, Aron M.; Lovelace, Nathan D.; Russ, Emily R.; Straub, Jessamin A.
2020-09Hydrodynamic and sediment transport modeling for James River dredged material managementLackey, Tahirih C.; Bailey, Susan E.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; Kim, Sung-Chan.; Schroeder, P. R. (Paul R.)
2020-04Evaluation of the potential impacts of the proposed Mobile Harbor navigation channel expansion on the aquatic resources of Mobile Bay, AlabamaBerkowitz, Jacob F., 1979-; Altman, Safra.; Reine, Kevin J.; Wilbur, Dara.; Kjelland, Michael E.; Gerald, Terry K.; Kim, Sung-Chan.; Piercy, Candice D.; Swannack, Todd M.; Slack, William Todd.; Killgore, K. Jack; Philley, Kevin D.; Beane, Nathan R.; Saltus, Christina L.; Balazik, Matthew T.; Keys, Tyler A.; Trahan, Corey J.
2020-06Quantification of the flow field around a draghead using a physical modelBryant, Duncan B.; McFall, Brian C.; Randall, Robert E., 1940-; Zhi, Yuanzhe.; Welp, Timothy L.; Smith, David L.
2020-08New York/New Jersey Harbor sedimentation study : numerical modeling of hydrodynamics and sediment transportMcAlpin, Tate O.; Letter, Joseph V.; Bryant, Mary A.; Emiren, Anthony G.; Brown, Gary L.; Savant, Gaurav, 1979-; Wisemiller, Bryce W.; Sulayman, Jamal A.; Trahan, Corey J.
2000-07Multiuser disposal sites (MUDS) for contaminated sediments from Puget Sound : subaqueous capping and confined disposal alternativesCoastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.); United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Seattle District.; Palermo, Michael R.; Channell, Michael G.; Averett, Daniel E.; Clausner, James E.
2017-06A guide for using geochemical methods in dredged material, sediment tracking, and sediment budget studiesWadman, Heidi M.; Perkey, David W.; Seiter-Moser, Jennifer M.; Chappell, Mark A. (Mark Allen); Lafferty, Brandon J.
2017-04Identification of sediment sources to Calumet River through geochemical fingerprintingPerkey, David W.; Chappell, Mark A. (Mark Allen); Seiter-Moser, Jennifer M.; Wadman, Heidi M.
2018-05Use of an acoustic camera to evaluate the performance of tickler chains and draghead deflectors for sea turtle protection during hopper dredging in the United States of AmericaDickerson, Dena D.; Welp, Timothy L.; Willis, Stephen M.; Novy, Douglas
2023-01Swan Island resilience model development; Phase I : conceptual modelHerman, Brook D.; Whitfield, Paula E.; Davis, Jenny L.; Tritinger, Amanda S.; Golden, Becky Raves.; Dillon, S. Catie.; Szimanski, Danielle M.; Swannack, Todd M.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; King, Jeffrey K.