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Title: Wayne N. Tobiasson Papers Finding Aid
Authors: Tobiasson, Wayne
Keywords: Greenland
DEW Line
Mount Washington Observatory
Snow loads
Abstract: Records focus on 4 main topics: Antarctica/the South Pole, Greenland/the DYE sites, snow load research, and roofing and building research. Antarctica records document Wayne Tobiasson's work at the South Pole. Materials include research to determine the structural problems with and the trip to repair the geodesic dome, such as design concepts, various studies and reports related to the dome's foundations and structure, as well as the "dome jacking." Other topics include research related to the "tunnel project," runways, various buildings, other "international stations," and conferences and workshops related to Antarctica/the South Pole. Greenland records document Wayne Tobiasson's work on the various sites in Greenland. Materials include research related to the Dye Sites, Sondestrom, and the Greenland Ice Sheet Project (GISP) 2 Summit camp. Research consists of various sites "life extensions," the DEW Line Ice Cap early warning radar station move, and other research and data from 1950s to 1990. Roofing and building research contains a sampling of the Dr. Tobiasson's work with the ROOFER program created by the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL). The roof surveys for Fort Richardson in Alaska include the building surveys, photos, and slides. Materials also include building surveys of the CRREL TIAC, Ice Engineering, and Facilities Engineer buildings. Aerial videos related the surveys are also included. Finally, the materials include videos (with an index) of the Reroofing of New Hampshire's Mount Washington Summit Building taken between July and September of 1992. Dr. Tobiasson maintained a number of other videos that we have kept in their original format. Materials include: The making of snow in a lab at the University of Idaho (Dr. Sack) (VHS) Under-Ice Explosions (Korea, 1986-87) (UCA30s) Alaska,1985 (mountains, animals, glaciers) (VHS) Protected Membrane Roof Demonstration (Ft Devens, Massachusettes,1984) (UCA30) Re-Roofing with a single-ply protected membrane (CRREL Video 81-1, 1981) (UCA) ReRoofing with protected membrane (CRREL Video) (Unknown) Multiple videos related to attack helicopters
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