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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07Environmental enhancements and navigation infrastructure: A study of existing practices, innovative ideas, impediments, and research needsFredette, Thomas J., 1955-; Foran, Christy M.; Brasfield, Sandra M.; Suedel, Burton C.
2019-09Evaluating effects of dredging-induced underwater sound on aquatic species : a literature reviewSuedel, Burton C.; McQueen, Andrew D.; Wilkens, Justin L.; Fields, Morris P.
2019-12Future directions of Threatened and Endangered Species and Environmental Windows research within the Dredging Operations and Environmental Research ProgramSuedel, Burton C.; Fischer, Richard A., Jr., 1964-
2018-08Improving spatial monitoring of dredging operations : a small unmanned aerial system application to map turbidityWilkens, Justin L.; Suedel, Burton C.; Davis, Austin V.; Corbino, Jeffrey M.
2011-06Environmental enhancements and navigation infrastructure: existing practices, innovative ideas, and research needsFredette, Thomas J., 1955-; Foran, Christy M.; Brasfield, Sandra M.; Suedel, Burton C.
2012-08A fish larvae and egg exposure system (FLEES) for evaluating the effects of suspended sediments on aquatic lifeLutz, Charles H.; Clarke, Douglas G.; Suedel, Burton C.
2017-03Using the Fish Larvae and Egg Exposure System (FLEES) to generate effects data for informing environmental windowsWilkens, Justin L.; Suedel, Burton C.
2017-03A method for simulating sedimentation of fish eggs to generate biological effects data for assessing dredging impactsWilkens, Justin L.; Suedel, Burton C.
2013-09Implementing engineering with nature within the Corps : a workshopDredging Operations and Environmental Research Program (U.S.); Banks, Cynthia J.; Fredette, Thomas J., 1955-; Suedel, Burton C.; Bridges, Todd S.
2009-09Comparison of the direct scoring method and multi-criteria decision analysis for dredged material management decision makingSuedel, Burton C.; Banks, Cynthia J.; Kim, Jongbum