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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-06Selective control of Purple Loosestrife with TriclopyrNelson, Linda S.; Getsinger, Kurt D.; Freedman, Jan E.
1995-10Cache River Basin, Arkansas : environmental database, compact disk data archive, and metadata documentationKress, Margaret Rose; Bourne, Scott G.
1995-12A guidebook for application of hydrogeomorphic assessments to riverine wetlandsBrinson, Mark M.; Rheinhardt, Richard D., 1954-; Hauer, F. Richard.; Lee, Lyndon C.; Nutter, Wade L.; Smith, R. Daniel; Whigham, Dennis F.
1998-12National guidebook for application of hydrogeomorphic assessment to tidal fringe wetlandsShafer, Deborah J.; Yozzo, David John.
1995-08Floristic index for establishing assessment standards : a case study for Northern OhioAndreas, Barbara K.; Lichvar, Robert
1995-10Monitoring of sediments and nonpoint source pollution removal at the Spring Creek Wetland Project, Bowman-Haley Lake, North DakotaDowner, Charles Wayne.; Myers, Tommy E.
1994-09Cumulative impact analysis of wetlands using hydrologic indicesNestler, John M.; Long, Katherine S.
1994-06Preliminary feasibility study : transport and distribution of dredged materials by hovercraft for wetland nourishment and restorationEstes, Trudy J.; Palermo, Michael R.; Gibson, Anthony C.
1995-08Characteristics and long-term sedimentation patterns of wetlands constructed in the fluctuation zone of Grenada Lake, MississippiDowner, Charles Wayne.; DeLaune, Ron.; Nyman, J. Andy.
1995-12Avian responses to chemically and physically manipulated cattail stands in a northern prairie marshHumpert, Mark J.; Hubbard, Daniel E.; Jensen, Kent Charles, 1955-