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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986-10Wetlands and water quality : a regional review of recent research in the United States on the role of freshwater and saltwater wetlands as sources, sinks, and transformers of nitrogen, phosphorus, and various heavy metalsNixon, Scott W., 1943-2012; Lee, Virginia.
1986-02A concept and procedure for developing and utilizing vegetation flood tolerance indices in wetland delineationTheriot, Russell F.; Sanders, Dana R., Sr.
1982-08Use of vegetation in delineating wetland borders in upper Missouri River Basin : North-Central United StatesJohnson, W. Carter.; Mayes, Richard A.; Sharik, Terry L.
1984-03Wetlands functions and values study plan. Appendix A, Analysis of methodologies for assessing wetland valuesLonard, Robert I.; Clairain, Ellis J. Jr.; Huffman, Robert T.; Hardy, Joe Wayne, 1935-; Brown, Linda D.; Ballard, Paul E.; Watts, Janet W.
1983-12Wetlands functions and values study plan. Appendix B, Survey of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetlands values information needsForsythe, Stephen W.; Clairain, Ellis J. Jr.; Smith, Hanley K.
1985-08Wetlands functions and values study planClairain, Ellis J. Jr.; Sanders, Dana R., Sr.; Smith, Hanley K.; Klimas, Charles V.
1987-01Corps of Engineers wetlands delineation manualEnvironmental Laboratory (U.S.)
1984-04Delineation of wetland boundaries using vegetation within the Altamaha River Basin of GeorgiaVaughan, Boyd F.; Cooper, Robert J.; Braswell, Joel H.; Hart, Robin.
1984-02Preliminary guide to the onsite identification and delineation of the wetlands of AlaskaHuffman, Robert T.; Tucker, Gary E.
1984-04Evaluation of methods for sampling vegetation and delineating wetlands transition zones in coastal west-central Florida, January 1979-May 1981Hart, Robin.