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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-09Humboldt Bay, California, entrance channel. Report 1: data reviewGDC; Costa, Steven L.; Glatzel, Karen A.
2002-09Eastcoast 2001, a tidal constituent database for the Western North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean SeaUniversity of Notre Dame. Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences.; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Institute of Marine Sciences.; Mukai, Ann Y.; Westerink, Joannes J.; Luettich, Richard A. (Richard Albert), 1957-; Mark, David J.
2011-04CMS-Wave Model: Part 4. An automated procedure for CMS-wave in resource-demanding applicationsAnderson, Mary E.; Lin, Lihwa.; Demirbilek, Zeki.
2011-01Applying particle tracking model in the coastal modeling systemLi, Honghai.; Lin, Lihwa.; Brown, Mitchell E.
1997-12PC Program for coastal inlet stability analysis using escoffier methodSeabergh, William C.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
2000-06Enhancements of the numerical model of the longshore current NMLONGLarson, Magnus.; Kraus, Nicholas C.
2000-06Simulation of current-induced scour in movable-bed inlet modelsHughes, Steven A.
2012-08WaveNet: A web-based metocean data access, processing and analysis toolWilson, Derek A.; Rosati, James.; Demirbilek, Zeki.; Lin, Lihwa.
2008-07Particle tracking model (PTM) in the SMS10: IV, link to coastal modeling systemDemirbilek, Zeki.; Connell, Kenneth J.; MacDonald, Neil J.; Zundel, Alan K.
2012-04CMS-Wave model: Part 5. Full-plane wave transformation and grid nestingLin, Lihwa.; Rosati, James.; Demirbilek, Zeki.