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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07Chitosan as a Coagulant and Precipitant of Algae Present in BackwaterThomas, Catherine C.; Broussard, Jonathan; Medina, Victor F.
2022-04Sustainable harmful algal bloom mitigation by 3D printed photocatalytic oxidation devices (3D-PODs)Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-; McQueen, Andrew D.; Ballentine, Mark L.; Fernando, Brianna M.; May, Lauren R.; Boyda, Jonna A.; Williams, Christopher B.; Bortner, Michael J.
2021-09Observation of silver carp spawning in a Mississippi River tributaryKillgore, K. Jack; George, Steven G.
2018-02Maximum swim speed of migrating sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) : reanalysis of data from a prior studyHoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-; Murphy, Catherine E.
2017-12Simulation of a non-physical barrier in the Brandon Road Lock and Dam approach channelBell, Andrew.; Smith, David L.; Farthing, Matthew W.
2016Swimming performance of adult asian carp : field assessment using a mobile swim tunnelHoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-; Collins, Jay A.; Katzenmeyer, Alan W.; Killgore, K. Jack
2016Estimating burst swim speeds and jumping characteristics of Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) using video analyses and principles of projectile physicsParsons, Glenn R.; Stell, Ehlana.; Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-
2006-10Application of risk assessment and decision analysis to aquatic nuisance speciesSuedel, Burton C.; Bridges, Todd S.; Kim, Jongbum.; Payne, Barry S.; Miller, Andrew C.
2006-08Identification and screening of new compounds to control harmful algal bloomsAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Poovey, Angela G.; Netherland, Michael D.
2013-11Demonstrating the ecosystem effects of Armored Suckermouth Catfishes (Loricariidae) : a feasibility study using mesocosmsAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-; Hahn, Nicky M.; Collins, Jay A.
2014-03Burrowing by Sailfin Catfish (Pterygoplichthys sp.) : A potential cause of erosion in disturbed environmentsAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Van den Ende, Oliver.
2006-09Freshwater aquatic nuisance species impacts and management costs and benefits at Federal water resources projectsAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Cole, Richard A.
2006-07Risk, uncertainty and decision analysis applied to the management of aquatic nuisance speciesAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Kim, Jongbum.; Bridges, Todd S.
2012-03Invasive species costs to Corps civil works activitiesAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Henderson, Jim E.
2007-08Applying life stage sensitivity data in chemical control strategies for invasive animal speciesAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Millward, Rod N.; Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-; Lynn, J. W.; Perry, K. D.; Ruiz, S.; Steevens, Jeffery A.
2007-11Floodplain wetlands as burseries for silver carp: a conceptual model for use in managing local populationsAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Varble, Krista A.; Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-; George, Steven G.; Murphy, Catherine E.; Killgore, K. Jack
2007-08Detection of apoptotic cells to evaluate chemical control strategies in early life stagesAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Lynn, J. W.; Perry, K. D.; Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-; Millward, Rod N.; Steevens, Jeffery A.
2007-05Life history attributes of Asian carps in the upper Mississippi River systemAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Garvey, James E.; DeGrandchamp, Kelly L.; Williamson, Christopher J.
2012-08Swimming performance of Bighead carp and Silver carp: Methodology, metrics, and management applicationsAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, 1954-; Southern, Larry W.; Katzenmeyer, Alan W.; Hahn, Nicky M.
2004-05A probability tree applied to a common zebra mussel dispersal issueAquatic Nuisance Species Research Program (U.S.); Payne, Barry S.; Miller, Andrew C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 36