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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09Rapid formation of iron sulfides alters soil morphology and chemistry following simulated marsh restorationBerkowitz, Jacob F., 1979-; VanZomeren, Christine M.; Fresard, Nicole D.
2020-05Rapid screening for uranium in soils using field portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer : a comparative studyProctor, Georgio.; Wang, Hanrui.; Larson, Steven L.; Ballard, John H.; Knotek-Smith, Heather M.; Waggoner, Charles A.; Unz, Ronald James, 1983-; Li, Jiangxia.; McComb, Jackeline.; Jin, Decheng.; Arslan, Zikri.; Han, Fengxiang X.
2020-07Removing uranium (VI) from aqueous solution with insoluble humic acid derived from leonarditeLarson, Steven L.; Ballard, John H.; Meng, Fande.; Arslan, Zikri.; Han, Fengxiang X.; Yuan, Guodong.; Waggoner, Charles A.
2021-09Initial survey of microplastics in bottom sediments from United States waterwaysWilkens, Justin L.; McQueen, Andrew D.; LeMonte, Joshua J.; Suedel, Burton C.
2020-06Influences of U sources and forms on its bioaccumulation in Indian mustard and sunflowerLarson, Steven L.; Ballard, John H.; Meng, Fande.; Jin, Decheng.; Guo, Kai.; Chen, Liangmei.; Arslan, Zikri.; White, Jeremy R.; Han, Fengxiang X.; Zhou, Lixiang.; Ma, Youhua.; Yuan, Guodong.; Waggoner, Charles A.
2021-08A framework and pilot tool for the risk-based prioritization and grouping of nano-enabled consumer productsRycroft, Taylor E.; Larkin, Sabrina.; Ganin, Alexander.; Thomas, Treye.; Matheson, Joanna.; Van Grack, Tessa.; Chen, Xinrong.; Plourde, Kenton.; Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-; Linkov, Igor.
2021-08Predicting the impact of aqueous ions on fate and transport of munition compoundsSchutt, Timothy C.; Shukla, Manoj K.
2021-08Geographic and genetic variation in susceptibility of Butomus umbellatus to foliar fungal pathogensHarms, Nathan E.; Shearer, Judy F. (Judy Fredrickson); Cronin, James T.; Gaskin, John F.
2020-06Electrokinetic-enhanced phytoremediation of uranium-contaminated soil using sunflower and Indian mustardLi, Jiangxia.; Zhang, Jun.; Larson, Steven L.; Ballard, John H.; Guo, Kai.; Arslan, Zikri.; Ma, Youhua.; Waggoner, Charles A.; White, Jeremy R.; Han, Fengxiang X.
2020-07Novel magnetic nanocarbon and its adsorption of Hg and Pb from waterLarson, Steven L.; Ballard, John H.; Guo, Kai.; Arslan, Zikri.; Zhang, Rong.; Han, Fengxiang X.; Ran, Yong.; Su, Yi.