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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03Modernization and structural evaluation of the improved Overhead Cable SystemTrim, M. W. (Michael Wesley), 1981-; Murray, Matthew P.; Crane, C. Kennan.
2019-02Evaluation of commercially available screeds for finishing of rapid-setting concreteCarruth, William D.
2022-04Waterborne geophysical investigation to assess condition of grouted foundation : Old River Control Complex – Low Sill Structure, Concordia Parish, LouisianaBreland, Benjamin R.; Simms, Janet E.; Doll, William E.; Greenwood, Jason.; Kaufman, Ronald.
2021-02Estimating Bridge Reliability by Using Bayesian NetworksGroeneveld, Andrew B.; Wood, Stephanie G.; Ruiz, Edgardo; Roberts, Jeffery M.
2020-02Development of magnesium phosphate cement (MPC) concrete mixture proportioning for airfield pavements : laboratory and field validation MPC test reportRamsey, Monica A.; Scott, Dylan A.; Weiss, Charles Arthur, 1961-; Tingle, Jeb S.
2019-06Evaluation of concrete spall repair materialsFalls, Anthony J.
2020-05Improved Ribbon Bridge structural response validation testingTrim, M. W. (Michael Wesley), 1981-; Bennett, Richard E.
2021-09Geophysical investigation to assess condition of grouted scour hole : Old River Control Complex—Low Sill Concordia Parish, LouisianaSimms, Janet E.; Breland, Benjamin R.; Doll, William E.
2020-04Evaluation of rapid-setting cementitious materials and testing protocol for airfield spall repairRamsey, Monica A.; Tingle, Jeb S.; Rutland, Craig A.
2020-05Improved Ribbon Bridge Structural Response Validation Testing, Appendix : Bay Data 2018-03-02 and 2018-03-07Trim, M. W. (Michael Wesley), 1981-; Bennett, Richard E.