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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Determination of structural properties of airfield mattingGarcia, Lyan I.; Hoffman, Nolan R.
2016Full-scale instrumented evaluations of multiple airfield matting systems on soft soil to characterize permanent deformationsGarcia, Lyan I.
2018-01Performance prediction relationships for AM2 airfield matting developed from full-scale accelerated testing and laboratory experimentationRushing, Timothy W.
2012-04Comparison of MO-Mat and prototype replicas for expeditionary roadsRushing, Timothy W.; Rowland, James F.
2018-06Modified light-duty AM2 capability assessmentHoffman, Nolan R.; Garcia, Lyan I.
2001-05Expedient road construction over soft soilsSantoni, Rosa L.; Smith, Carroll J.; Tingle, Jeb S.; Webster, Steve L.
2013-07Enhanced coastal trafficability : road construction over sandy soilsSantoni, Rosa L.
2002-09Methodology for mobility tactical decision aids incorporated into the joint mapping tool kitMcKinley, George B.; Webb, Benjamin T.; Horner, David A., 1956-
2009-05Enhanced vehicle dynamics moduleRBA Technical Services.; Terrain Mechanics and Modeling Research Program (U.S.); Creighton, Daniel C.; McKinley, George B.; Jones, Randolph A.; Ahlvin, Richard G. (Richard Glen), 1919-
2001-10A standards-based movement and infrastructure aggregation methodology for mobility representation in modeling and simulationMEVATEC Corporation.; United States. Office of the Secretary of Defense (Program Analysis and Evaluation); McKinley, George B.; Deliman, Niki C.; Falls, T. C.; Bunch, Laura S.