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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11Laboratory measurements of the erodibility of gravelly soilsLópez-Soto, Jamie F.; Robbins, Bryant A.
2021-09Backward erosion testing : Magnolia LeveeMontalvo-Bartolomei, Axel M.; Robbins, Bryant A.; Medley, Erica A.; Breland, Benjamin R.
2016The influence of geologic depositional environments on sand boil development, Tara Wildlife Lodge Area in MississippiStrange, Ryan C.; Corcoran, Maureen K.; Dunbar, Joseph B.; Schmitz, Darrel W.
2017-06Geotechnical evaluation of the Brownsville levee cracking and partial slope failureWalshire, Lucas A.; Dunbar, Joseph B.; Stephens, Isaac J.; Corcoran, Maureen K.; Roig-Silva, Carla.; Kelley, Julie R.
2017-06Geologic controls of sand boil formation at Buck Chute, MississippiMartin, Seth M.; Dunbar, Joseph B.; Corcoran, Maureen K.; Schmitz, Darrel W.
2018-08Experimental Evaluation of Kovács’ Equations for Estimating Critical GradientsMontalvo-Bartolomei, Axel K.; Robbins, Bryant A.; Murphy, John W.
2018-08Geomorphic Investigation of the Great Bend Region, Red RiverAlbertson, Paul E.; Corcoran, Maureen K.; Autin, Whitney J.; Kruger, John.; Foster, Theresa.
2018-08Comparison of levee underseepage analysis methods using blanket theory and finite element analysisBrandon, Thomas L.; Batool, Abeera.; Jimenez, Martha.; Vroman, Noah D.; Corcoran, Maureen K.
2006-12Unbonded aggregate surface roadsUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Vicksburg District.; Freeman, Reed B.; Goss, Dale A.; McCaffrey, Patrick S.; Tom, Joe G.; Poole, Toy S.; Lee, Landris T.; Taylor, Perry A.
2002-06Guidelines for installation of utilities beneath Corps of Engineers levees using horizontal directional drillingUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. St. Louis District.; Geotechnical Engineering Research Program (U.S.); Latorre, Carlos A.; Wakeley, Lillian D.; Conroy, Patrick J.