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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-05Quality assurance for rapid airfield constructionFreeman, Reed B.; Mann, Travis A.; Mason, Louis W.; Gartrell, Chad A.; Moore, Vernon M.
2008-10Evaluation of minimum asphalt concrete thickness criteriaUnited States. Air Force. Air Combat Command.; Bell, Haley P., 1982-; Mason, Louis W.
2008-05Field testing and load rating report, Bridge S-1090, Camp Casey, South KoreaBridge Diagnostics, Inc.; United States. Army. Army, 8th.; United States. Army. Installation Management Command.; Commander, Brett C.; Grimson, Jesse.; Varela-Ortiz, Wilmel.; Stanton, Terry R.; Lugo, Carmen Y.; Hansler, Gerald M.
2006-12Unbonded aggregate surface roadsUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Vicksburg District.; Freeman, Reed B.; Goss, Dale A.; McCaffrey, Patrick S.; Tom, Joe G.; Poole, Toy S.; Lee, Landris T.; Taylor, Perry A.
2008-07Joint Rapid Airfield Construction (JRAC) 2007 technology demonstrationAnderton, Gary L.; Berney, Ernest S.; Mann, Travis A.; Newman, J. Kent.; Baylot, E. Alex.; Miller, Daniel K.; Mason, Quintin S.
2007-06Load test and load rating report for bridge 305 over Foster's Creek located at Naval Weapons Facility, Charleston, SCBridge Diagnostics, Inc.; United States. Army. Installation Management Command.; Schulz, Jeff L.; Commander, Brett C.; Stanton, Terry R.; Varela-Ortiz, Wilmel.; Lugo, Carmen Y.; McKenna, Mihan H.
2012-04Pavement-Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering (PCASE) implementation of the Modified Berggren (ModBerg) equation for computing the frost penetration depth within pavement structuresBianchini, Alessandra, 1972-; Gonzalez, Carlos R.
2002-08Technical commentary on FM3-34.343, "Military nonstandard fixed bridging"Ray, James C.; Seda-Sanabria, Yazmin.
2001-05Expedient road construction over soft soilsSantoni, Rosa L.; Smith, Carroll J.; Tingle, Jeb S.; Webster, Steve L.
2012-05Determining the effective modulus of subgrade reaction for design of rigid airfield pavements having base layersBarker, Walter R.; Alexander, Don R.