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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11Development of smartphone-based semi-prepared runway operations (SPRO) models and methodsWard, Andrew B.; Falls, Anthony J.; Rutland, Craig A.
2014-05Evaluation of Faun MLC-70 trackway mat system under simulated F-15 trafficAir Force Civil Engineering Center (U.S.); Rushing, Timothy W.; Garcia, Lyan I.; Mason, Quintin S.
2014-01Evaluation of nontraditional airfield pavement surfaces for contingency operationsAir Force Civil Engineering Center (U.S.); Priddy, Lucy P.; Rutland, Craig A.
2015-05Evaluation of precast Portland cement concrete panels for airfield pavement repairsVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Air Force Civil Engineering Center (U.S.); Priddy, Lucy P.
2013-07Minimum thickness of concrete pavement for the F-15 and C-17 aircraftGonzalez, Carlos R.; Barker, Walter R.; Bianchini, Alessandra, 1972-
2013-09Evaluation of precast panels for airfield pavement repair; phase II : results of accelerated pavement testingAir Force Civil Engineering Center (U.S.); Information Technology Laboratory (U.S.); Priddy, Lucy P.; Bly, Peter G.; Jackson, Christopher J.; Brogdon, Tony N.
2013-06Laboratory and field evaluation of in-place asphalt recycling technologies for small airfield repairMejias-Santiago, Mariely; Carruth, William D.; Petermann, Jeffrey C.; Hitzelberger, Dean H.
2013-06Evaluation of precast panels for airfield pavement repair; phase I : system optimization and test section constructionAir Force Development Test Center (U.S.); Bly, Peter G.; Priddy, Lucy P.; Jackson, Christopher J.; Mason, Quintin S.
2014-04Field evaluation of ultra-high pressure water systems for runway rubber removalAir Force Civil Engineering Center (U.S.); Pullen, Aaron B.; Edwards, Lulu; Rutland, Craig A.; Tingle, Jeb S.
2015-05Improved concrete cutting and excavation capabilities for crater repair : phase 2Air Force Civil Engineering Center (U.S.); Edwards, Lulu; Bell, Haley P., 1982-; Rowland, Jay F.; Rutland, Craig A.