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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02Observation of crack arrest in ice by high aspect ratio particles during uniaxial compressionAsenath-Smith, Emily.; Lieblappen, Ross M.; Taylor, Susan.; Winter, Reed R.; Melendy, Terry D.; Moser, Robert D.; Haehnel, Robert B.
2020-05Phase-field simulations of solidification in support of additive manufacturing processesAllen, Jeffrey B.; Moser, Robert D.; McClelland, Zackery B.; Kallivayalil, Jacob.; Tekalur, Arjun.
2020-02Carbonation processes in submerged concrete in a simulated CO₂ invasive fish barrier systemMoser, Robert D.; Johnson, Tyler R.; Madden, Mary C.; Weiss, Charles Arthur, 1961-; Long, Wendy R.; McKechnie, Mason A.; Smith, David L.
2019-07Additive manufacturing of metallic materials with controlled microstructures : multiscale modeling of direct metal laser sintering and directed energy depositionMcClelland, Zackery B.; Shannon, Jameson D.; Moser, Robert D.; Allen, Jeffrey B.; Tekalur, Arjun.; Killian, Mike.; Carroll, Jason.; Kallivayalil, Jacob.; Schultheis, Benjamin.; Chaudhary, Anil.
2016Equipment and protocols for quasi-static and dynamic tests of Very-High-Strength Concrete (VHSC) and High-Strength High-Strength High-Ductility Concrete (HSHDC)Williams, Brett A.; Moser, Robert D.; Heard, William F.; Johnson, Carol F.; Scott, Dylan A.; Slawson, Thomas R.; Boone, Nicholas.; Blake, Henry L.; White, Thomas D.
2018-06Corrosion and migration of zero-valent depleted uranium products in soilMedina, Victor F.; Wynter, Michelle T.; Larson, Steven L.; Moser, Robert D.; Nestler, Catherine C.
2014-10Laboratory evaluation of expedient low-temperature admixtures for runway craters in cold weatherConstruction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.); Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory (U.S.); Air Force Civil Engineering Center (U.S.); Oren, Jared I.; Moser, Robert D.; Boddu, Veera M.; Weiss, Charles Arthur, 1961-; Clausen, Jay L.
2018-04Modeling transport of nanoparticles : pilot studyLackey, Tahirih C.; Diamond, Steven A.; Moser, Robert D.; Weiss, Charles Arthur, 1961-; Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-
2017-09Concrete growth and fatigue analysis of Chickamauga Lock miter gate anchoragesSmith, Matthew D.; Hammack, E. Allen.; Moser, Robert D.; Alexander, Quincy G.; Burnham, Benjamin C.; Williams, Sarah L.
2017-09Preliminary feasibility and risk analysis of a carbon dioxide barrier at Brandon Road Lock and DamNestler, John M.; Smith, David L.; Woodley, Christa M.; Moser, Robert D.; Flanagan, Peter C.