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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07Understanding state-of-the-art material classification through deep visualizationDonovan, Jordan T.
1990-12Review of finite element procedures for earth retaining structuresEbeling, Robert M., 1954-
2022-11In situ and timeBauer, Andrew C.
2021-04In situ and post-processing volume rendering with with CinemaBauer, Andrew C.; Abras, Jennifer; Hariharan, Nathan
2021-01Assessment of workforce systems preferences/skills based on employment domainJaradat, Raed M.; Stirgus, Erin, 1995-; Goerger, Simon R.; Buchanan, Randy K.; Hossain, Niamat Ullah Ibne; Burch, Reuben Flournoy, 1979-; Ma, Junfeng
2021-05Challenges in evaluating efficacy of scientific visualization for usability and aestheticsBaca, Julie A.; Carruth, Daniel W.; Stephens, Michael M.; Lewis, Christopher D.; Calhoun, Alex
2021-05Holistic and reductionist thinker : a comparison study based on individuals’ skillset and personality typesJaradat, Raed M.; Goerger, Simon R.; Nagahi, Morteza; El Amrani, Safae, 1995-; Hamilton, Michael Andre, 1981-
2022-09The impact of practitioners’ personality traits on their level of systems-thinking skills preferencesGoerger, Simon R.; Ma, Junfeng; Nagahi, Morteza; Hamilton, Michael Andre, 1981-; Jaradat, Raed M.; Abutabenjeh, Sawsan
2021-05Metrics for assessing overall performance of inland waterway ports : a Bayesian Network based approachJaradat, Raed M.; Puryear, Stephen M.; Buchanan, Randy K.; Hossain, Niamat Ullah Ibne; Hosseini, Seyedmohsen; Marufuzzaman, Mohammad; Nur, Farjana, 1991-
2021-05Effect of individual differences in predicting engineering students' performance : a case of education for sustainable developmentJaradat, Raed M.; Goerger, Simon R.; Nagahi, Morteza; Nagahisarchoghaei, Mohammad; Ghanbari, Ghodsieh; Poudyal, Sujan