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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01Three-dimensional geospatial product generation from tactical sources, co-registration assessment, and considerationsRuby, Jeffrey G.; Massaro, Richard D.; Anderson, John E.; Fischer, Robert L.
2020-02Local spatial dispersion for multiscale modeling of geospatial data : exploring dispersion measures to determine optimal raster data sample sizesBlundell, S. Bruce.; Wayant, Nicole M.
2022-08User guide : the DEM Breakline and Differencing Analysis Tool—gridded elevation model analysis with a convenient graphical user interfaceBlundell, S. Bruce.
1983-05Evaluation of published criteria for identifying metamorphic rocks on air photos : two case studies in the northeastern United StatesEhlen, Judy, 1944-
1983-09The classifications of metamorphic rocks and their applications to air photo interpretation proceduresEhlen, Judy, 1944-
2014-08Creating Orthographically Rectified Satellite Multi-Spectral Imagery with High Resolution Digital Elevation Model from LiDAR : A TutorialBrown, Roger O.
1991-08Thermal infrared spectra of natural and manmade materials : implications for remote sensingEastes, John W.
1976-11Capabilities of remote sensors to determine environmental information for combatU.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories. Research Institute. Center for Remote Sensing.; Rinker, J. N.; Ehlen, Judy, 1944-; Krusinger, Alan E.; Currin, Thomas R.; Poulin, Ambrose O.; McCracken, Paul B.
1979-11Terrain analysis procedural guide for geologyTazelaar, James.
1979-10Terrain analysis procedural guide for roads and related structuresGeographic Sciences Laboratory.; Vogel, Theodore C.