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Title: Verification of procedures for designing dredged material containment areas for solids retention
Authors: Dredging Operations Technical Support Program (U.S.)
Averett, Daniel E.
Palermo, Michael R.
Wade, Roy.
Keywords: ADDAMS
Containment areas
Design criteria
Dredged material
Dredging spoils
Spoil banks
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: Design procedures for hydraulically filled dredged material containment areas to ensure solids retention were initially developed during the Dredged Material Research Program. These procedures involve performing laboratory column settling tests to define settling properties of dredged material and to provide a basis for containment area design. Since their initial development, these procedures have been refined by additional laboratory and field studies conducted as part of the Dredging Operations Technical Support Program and the Long-Term Effects of Dredging Operations Program. This report provides verification data on the accuracy of column settling tests used in describing the settling behavior of dredged material disposal areas. Results of settling tests conducted by the Waterways Experiment Station over a 6-year period are presented. Predictions of zone, flocculent, and compression settling behavior are compared with observed field behavior for purposes of verification. Levels of effluent suspended solids predicted by flocculent settling tests and associated design procedures compared well with effluent suspended solids monitored during containment area operations. Zone and compression settling tests were found to closely agree with field results, but more field data are needed to expand use of these procedures to a wider range of operating conditions. Appendixes to this report provide detailed procedures for performing the laboratory tests and for designing containment areas based on laboratory settling data. The Automated Dredging and Disposal Alternatives Management System (ADDAMS) was used to analyze all of the laboratory data and to generate design data for comparison to field results.
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