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Title: Innovations in dredging technology : equipment, operations, and management
Authors: Hartman Consulting Corporation.
Dredging Operations and Environmental Research Program (U.S.)
McLellan, T. Neil.
Hopman, Robert J.
Keywords: Dredging
Dredging management
Dredging operations
Environmental dredging
Innovative technology
Sediment handling
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical report ; DOER-5
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: The lack of a programmatic or systematic approach to the demonstration, evaluation, and reporting of new or innovative applications of dredging technology in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredging program has lead to a study of the state of the practice worldwide. Innovative dredging technology in the context of this study is defined as technology that is significantly better, cheaper, or faster than existing technologies, and that is not broadly applied due to limited knowledge or established standards within the engineering community. Initially, a literature review was used to identify the vast array of innovative technologies and categories of equipmnet and procedures pertaining to dredging operations with empahsis on European applications. Several hundred documents and technologies were researched pertaining to innovative dredging technologies and procedures. A series of site visits were made to several institutions, dredge contractors, port authorities, and project sites in Belgium, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Germany. Over 176 technology fact sheets were prepared and each fact sheet contains the following types of information about that technology: technology name, category, description, company/organization, projects completed, information sources, and literature references. The report provides detailed descriptions of 11 of the 176 technologies identified as having promise. By investigating and documenting these solutions and reviewing them relative to the Corps dredging program, there is potential to identify and implement those procedures showing high promise to reduce the cost of conducting dredging operations performed or managed by the Corps.
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