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Title: Vessel positioning, survey controls, and dredge monitoring systems : summary report for technical area 4
Authors: Dredging Research Program (U.S.)
Hales, Lyndell Z.
Keywords: ARTTES
Dredging production meters
Dredging Research Program
Silent Inspector
Issue Date: Sep-1995
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: This report summarizes research conducted under the Dredging Research Program (DRP) Technical Area 4, "Vessel Positioning, Survey Controls, and Dredge Monitoring Systems." This research addressed the need for measuring and reporting offshore onsite water levels and for an advanced vessel-heave system for dredging purposes. The automated real-time tidal elevation system (ARTfES) was enhanced to prevent access denial when threshold conditions for surveying are exceeded but may not be severe enough to preclude dredging operations. The development of a real-time, on-the-fly, 3-D navigation system with accuracy within 1 dm (4 in.) for surveying and dredging based on a NAVSTAR global positioning system (GPS) is presented. Laboratory and field tests of production meters for dredges were conducted to determine reliability under different dredging conditions. A "silent inspector" system was developed to automatically log data from instruments generally maintained aboard contractor-operated hopper dredges. These data were used to compute the quantity of material retained and to provide summaries of this information in both tabular and graphic displays.
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