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Title: Dredge plant equipment and systems processes : summary report for technical area 3
Authors: Dredging Research Program (U.S.)
Hales, Lyndell Z.
Keywords: Dredge plant equipment
Dredging Research Program
Economic load
Hopper-dredge dragheads
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: Investigations conducted under the Dredging Research Program (DRP) Technical Area 3, "Dredge Plant Equipment and Systems Processes," resulted in new technologies and enhanced existing dredging systems to achieve economic load during dredging operations. Improvement included more effective eductors and a single-point mooring system for direct pumpout of hopper dredges onto beaches. Technology for dredge production and process monitoring was improved, and designs for hopper-dredge dragheads were modified to increase production. The following equipment, systems, or processes were improved: (A.) eductors with more efficient sand-bypassing features and water-injection dredging to fluidize shoals and permit transport by density of natural currents; (B.) dredging equipment for nearshore/onshore placement, including a direct pumpout capability for hopper dredges; (C.) technology for monitoring and increasing dredge payioads for fine-grain sediments, including an automated ioad monitoring system and an electrical resistivity method; and (D.) draghead design enhancements for more efficient production, including water jets and blades to loosen compacted sediments.
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