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Title: A guide to the planning and hydraulic design of fluidizer systems for sand managment in the coastal environment
Authors: Fritz Engineering Laboratory.
Dredging Research Program (U.S.)
Weisman, Richard Nathan, 1945-
Lennon, Gerard P.
Clausner, James E.
Keywords: Dredging
Dredging Research Program
Fluidizer systems
Bulk solids flow
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: Fluidization is the process in which fluid is injected into a granular medium (typically sand) causing the grains to lift and separate. In the last decade, research has been conducted on the fluidization of sand at tidal inlets and harbor mouths with the intent to use fluidization for maintenance of navigable waterways and for sand bypassing. This report provides guidance in the design of fluidizer systems, including the fluidizer pipe, for use in channel maintenance and sand bypassing. The primary objective in the design of a fluidizer system is to create a trench of a given cross section and length. Complete fluidization must be achieved. The design must entail (A.) the hydraulic aspect to attain full fluidization, and (B.) a geometric element to obtain the desired trench geometry. Two design examples are given: one employs a fluidizer pipe to establish and maintain a navigable channel in a tidal inlet, and one involves the use of fluidizer pipe in conjunction with sand bypassing.
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