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Title: Missouri River System Analysis Model - Phase I
Authors: Hydrologic Engineering Center (U.S.)
Keywords: Reservoirs
Mathematical models
Missouri River
Publisher: Hydrologic Engineering Center (U.S.)
Abstract: prescriptive reservoir model, designated as the Hydrologic Engineering Center Prescriptive Reservoir Model or HEC-PRM, was developed and tested for use in analyzing operation of the Missouri River main-stem reservoir system. The model represents the system as a network and uses network-flow programming to allocate optimally the system water. A network approach was selected because it satisfies institutional, economic, environmental, and engineering criteria. The network representation of the Missouri River main stem system includes six reservoir and six non-reservoir nodes. The reservoir nodes represent Ft. Peck, Garrison, Oahe, Big Bend, Ft. Randall, and Gavins Point. The non-reservoir nodes represent Sioux City, Omaha, Nebraska City, Kansas City, Boonville, and Hermann. Goals of and constraints on system operation are represented with system penalty functions. Prior to application of HEC-PRM as a decision-support tool for the master manual update study, HEC staff devised and executed .a subjective validation test, using a five-year average period. As a consequence of this test, HEC-PRM was accepted for further analyses. However, the test pointed out HEC-PRM solutions are sensitive to definition of penalty functions. Two applications of HEC-PRM were completed: (1) analysis of the critical period for the system with the best-currently-available estimates of system penalty functions; and (2) analysis of the same critical period with a hypothetical navigation penalty function for the reach between Sioux City and Omaha. Phase II of the Missouri River system study will (1) expand the system analyzed; (2) refine the penalty functions used; (3) improve the model's user interface; (4) make technical improvements to the model; and (5) perform selected production runs with HEC-PRM.
Description: Technical Report
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