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Title: Missouri River Reservoir System Analysis Model : Phase II
Authors: Hydrologic Engineering Center (U.S.)
Keywords: Reservoirs
Mathematical models
Missouri River
Publisher: Hydrologic Engineering Center (U.S.)
Abstract: This report reviews tasks accomplished during Phase of the project and describes tasks accomplished during Phase II. Phase [ I tasks include: (1) Additional development of the HEC-Prescriptive Reservoir Model (HEC-PRM), (2) Development of new and enhancement of existing utility programs related to HEC-PRM, (3) Transfer of developed technology to the Missouri River Division, and (4) Preliminary review of procedures for developing system operating rules from HEC-PRM results. The model uses network-flow programming to allocate optimally the system water. In Phase II, the modeled system was extended to include navigation on the Mississippi River by including a node at St. Louis. The applications are performed using the best-currently-available estimates of flow data and penalty functions, both of which must be considered to b€ preliminary and are basically those used in the Phase I analysis. This report includes draft documentation which describes the current version of the program and selectively displays example input and output.
Description: Technical Report
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