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dc.descriptionTechnical Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: A reregulation dam is used to reduce drastic flow fluctuations from main reservoir releases, usually as a consequence of hydropower operations. In a pumped-storage system, it also provides storage for subsequent pumpback to the upstream reservoir. This report describes the expected impact of the addition of a reregulation facility on the temperature regimen of the reservoir-reregulation pool system. A cost-effective method for simulating the hydrodynamics and transport in a reregulation pool is presented. The method has been coupled with a vertical one-dimensional reservoir model to simulate the hydrodynamics and transport of the reservoir-reregulation pool system. The modeling procedure for simulating the hydrodynamics and transport of the reregulation pool was selected from three candidate methods. The three methods in progressive order of complexity are: (1.) the sump method, (2.) the level pool routing method, and (3.) the finite difference simulation of the Saint-Venant equations. The methods have been incorporated within the WESTEX model, and the predicted temperature profiles in the main reservoir and the release temperatures from the reregulation pool are compared to results from a reservoir study previously conducted at the Waterways Experiment Station. The longitudinal resolution of the level pool routing and the Saint-Venant simulation methods allow a more realistic response to temperature fluctuations than can be provided by the sump method. Further, the level pool routing method gives results comparable to the more complex Saint-Venant method in a more cost-effective manner.-
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