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Title: Evaluation of Public Involvement in Flood Risk Management Pilot Projects
Authors: U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources.
Keywords: Public interest
Flood control
Flood risk management
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources.
Abstract: In September 2010, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps) released its Flood Risk Management Public Involvement Framework and Implementation Plan. In this document, the Corps describes a vision of a decision process for managing flood risk that is collaborative and risk informed. It highlights the importance of seeking solutions to flood risk by engaging public stakeholders and partners at all levels of government. Additionally, the Corps emphasizes multi-faceted solutions that address property protection, public health and safety, and environmental quality issues. The Corps recognizes that it should take a more active role in public engagement—one that extends beyond the required National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) public scoping meetings and works to engage stakeholders and community members in solving problems. In 2013, the Corps’ Institute for Water Resources (IWR) initiated a pilot program to implement the collaborative and risk informed flood risk management decision process promoted by the 2010 Framework and Implementation Plan. This report evaluates the pilot program and draws conclusions related to additional work the Corps can do to collaboratively identify flood risk solutions. CPCX and FRMP will move forward with implementing the recommendations enclosed in this evaluation report. Initial priorities based on feedback from Corps District offices are guidance for assessing the appropriate level of public involvement in flood risk management activities, expanding on potential risks of inadequate public involvement, developing additional public involvement training materials, exploring a national public involvement mentoring program, and expanding a library of public involvement materials and tools.
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