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Title: Flood Risk Management : National Economic Development Manual
Authors: U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources
Keywords: Floods
Flood control
Risk analysis
Risk management
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources.
Abstract: Flooding is a natural and common global phenomenon. It is most often caused by an increase in stream flow beyond the point where the normal stream channel can contain the water. Water spills over the riverbanks and spreads out along the adjoining floodplain. Floodwaters may occupy the floodplain for a matter of hours, as in the case of flash floods, or for months, as occurred in some communities during the 1993 flood of the Mississippi River (story and photographs). Flooding is part of the hydrologic cycle in which water is continually recycled between the earth and the atmosphere. A flood "problem" requires two elements: flooding and development in the floodplain. This document contains information on flood risk analysis and management.
Description: IWR Report
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