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dc.description.abstractStoring water underground (managed aquifer recharge, or MAR) can augment surface storage and increase resilience of USACE projects and improve our nation’s water security. USACE and its partners are using, have considered or are considering using MAR, or conjunctive management of ground- and surface water, in at least 17 states in six of the seven USACE divisions in the Continental United States. The authorities for using MAR in USACE projects are modest but increasing. USACE is using or considering MAR to help fulfill its primary missions of flood risk management and aquatic ecosystem restoration, and for secondary purposes such as drought resilience, water supply, and reducing saltwater intrusion. For secondary mission areas, the agency’s role in MAR is typically to support its partners’ efforts to meet their water resources needs. MAR can be smoothly integrated into USACE’s planning process, including stakeholder engagement, reallocation studies and forecast-informed reservoir operations. The additional management flexibility provided by MAR may help address allocation conflicts triggered by new water demands or changing conditions; opportunities exist in both eastern (riparian law) and western (prior appropriation law) states. USACE should improve education and training of its staff, and create opportunities for intra- and inter-agency exchanges of knowledge and experience, on uses, roles, and science and engineering behind MAR. This will improve the ability of Corps staff to identify where MAR may be a management measure worthy of consideration.en_US
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dc.titleManaged Aquifer Recharge and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers : Water Security Through Resilienceen_US
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