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Title: Cedar Rapids Flood Risk Management : A Case Study in Disaster Recovery
Authors: Jacobs, Jeffrey W.
Keywords: Cedar Rapids (Iowa)
Flood risk management
Disaster relief
Case studies
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources.
Abstract: In June 2008, Cedar Rapids experienced record-setting flooding of the Cedar River in one of Iowa's largest natural disasters. Thankfully no lives were lost directly, but the event devastated the city's downtown area, industry, businesses, and thousands of residents, with losses estimated at $5.4 billion. In the weeks, months, and years following the flood, the city of Cedar Rapids, with support from the state of Iowa and the US federal government, developed and implemented an impressive variety of response actions and strategies. In September 2016, these measures were tested by the second highest flood of record on the Cedar River at Cedar Rapids. The City performed very well, with minimal damages and impacts. The actions taken and lessons learned between the two flood events to reduce risks to life and property should be of interest to citizens, elected officials, as well communities across the nation facing flood risk threats. This article shares those lessons learned in hopes that other cities currently entrenched in the flood recovery process may benefit.
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