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Title: Evaluation of concrete mixtures for use in underwater repairs
Authors: Repair, Evaluation, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Research Program (U.S.)
Neeley, Billy D.
Keywords: Underwater concrete construction
Concrete tests
Concrete testing
Abrasion-erosion resistance
Antiwashout admixtures
Concrete mixtures
Publisher: Structures Laboratory (U.S.)
Structures Laboratory
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: Concrete mixtures were evaluated to determine which were most suited for placement underwater in thin lifts. The concretes were proportioned to have good workability, good abrasion-erosion resistance, and good resistance to washing out of the cement paste. High-range water reducers (HRWR) were used to increase the workability and permit the use of low water-cement ratios (W/C) to increase the resistance to abrasion-erosion. Low W/C, silica fume, and antiwashout admixtures (AWA) were used to increase the resistance to washout. A washout test was used to determine the relative amount of cement paste lost when the concrete is exposed to a large volume of water. The two-point workability test was used to evaluate the relative workability properties of each mixture. The slump and air content were also measured for most of the mixtures. The test method for abrasion-erosion resistance of concrete (underwater method) was used to determine the abrasion-erosion resistance of each mixture.
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