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Title: Intake Manifolds and Emptying Valves for Lower Monumental Lock, Snake River, Washington : Hydraulic Model Investigation
Authors: Perkins, Louis Z.
Theus, Harry P.
Keywords: Intakes (Hydraulic engineering)
Locks (Hydraulic engineering)
Hydraulic models
Lower Monumental Dam (Wash.)
Snake River (Wyo.-Wash.)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Walla Walla District.
Abstract: Flow conditions at proposed intakes and performance of a conventional tainter emptying valve for the navigation lock at Lower Monumental Dam were studied in a 1:25—scale model. Vortexes occurred over the land wall intake or original design (plan A) during a portion of the filling operation; eddies along the river wall dissipated before a vortex could form. With the adopted intake (plan I), vortexes were absent during tests with steady flow into the lock chamber. Dimples that would indicate incipient vortexes in the model were not evident during filling operations at an initial head of 117 ft (maximum lock inflow increased 10 percent) when two adjacent spillway bays were closed, when both intakes were open, or when the river wall intake was closed. Intermittent dimples formed when the spillway flow averaged 10,000 cfs per bay and when the land wall intake was closed. Performance of a conventional tainter emptying valve was satisfactory. Negative pressures at the bottom corner of the trunnion support were minor; pressure surges and hydraulic loads on the valve were small.
Description: Technical Report
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