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Title: Survey Report on Portugues and Bucana Rivers, Puerto Rico
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Keywords: Hydrology
Flood control
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico--Ponce
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Jacksonville District.
Abstract: Portugués and Bucana Rivers drain 54 square miles on the South side of Puerto Rico. Elevations vary from sea level at the coast to over 4,000 feet above sea level in the Cordillera Central Mountains. Ponce, second largest city in Puerto Rico, occupies a large part of the basin s coastal plain. Growth and prosperity of the city are seriously hampered by the flooding of these rivers. The basin topography and rainfall characteristics produce extremely high runoff rates and floods come quickly with little warning. The flood of 1958 claimed three lives, and that of 1954 resulted in property damages of over $2 million. Damages from a flood of standard project magnitude would exceed $100 million, based on existing development, and would endanger thousands of lives. In addition to the flood problem, the Ponce area lacks sufficient and dependable sources of water to meet urban and agricultural needs. As a result of this investigation, the District Engineer finds that these problems can best be solved by construction of two multiple-purpose reservoirs for flood control, water supply, and recreation, and enlargement of the existing channels through Ponce. The plan would provide essentially full standard project flood protection and a dependable water supply of about 30 million gallons a day. The total first cost of the plan is estimated at $49,900,000. Average annual benefits and costs are estimated at $6,736,000 and $2,973,000, respectively. The benefit—cost ratio is 2.3 to 1. Accordingly, the District Engineer recommends construction of the project, provided local interests meet certain requirements of local cooperation.
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