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dc.descriptionSurvey Reporten_US
dc.description.abstractThe Edwards Underground Reservoir, a limestone aquifer that stretches about 175 miles across south-central Texas at the foot of the Edwards Plateau, provides the water supply in this portion of three river basins which includes many farms and ranches, five large military installations, and seventeen cities and communities, the largest of which is the city of San Antonio. Because of the rapid economic growth in this area, the water demands on the underground reservoir are exceeding the dependable yield of the resource. Streams that flow through the hill and canyon country of the Edwards Plateau in the Guadalupe, San Antonio, and Nueces River Basins recharge the underground reservoir as they flow across the outcrop of the Edwards limestone in the Balcones fault zone. Floods on these streams cause extensive damage to cities, farms, and ranches south of the Balcones escarpment and are the source for increased recharge through upstream reservoir control. The major portion of the recharge to the underground reservoir comes from streams in the Nueces and San Antonio River Basins, but the major portion of the discharges from the aquifer occurs through many large wells in the San Antonio area and several large springs in the San Antonio and Guadalupe River Basins. For this reason, the 14 counties in the watershed of the artesian reservoir were considered as a unit in formulating a water supply plan for the area. The plan of improvement would provide for construction of Montell Reservoir on the Nueces River, Concan Reservoir on the Frio River, and Sabinal Reservoir on the Sabinal River with joint-storage for flood control and recharge purposes. A small conservation pool would be provided in the Montell Reservoir for a downstream water supply. Two reservoir projects are also proposed in the Guadalupe River Basin to provide a supplemental surface water supply for the Edwards Reservoir area. Cloptin Crossing Reservoir, a multiple-purpose project on the Blanco River, is proposed for Federal construction. Dam No. 7 Reservoir on the Guadalupe River is proposed for construction by local interests for water conservation purposes. The proposed plan of improvement would meet the municipal, rural, industrial, military, thermal power, and irrigation demands of the Edwards Reservoir area to approximately the year 2000. To meet the anticipated future water demands beyond this date will require more adequate use of return flows and development of additional water supply outside the Edwards Reservoir area. The estimated total first cost of the four reservoir projects proposed for authorization and construction by the Federal Government is $84,048,000, of which $51,620,000 would be reimbursable to the United States. The annual operation, maintenance, and major replacement costs are estimated at $379,400, of which $147,300 would be the responsibility of local interests.en_US
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dc.titleSurvey Report on Edwards Underground Reservoir; Guadalupe : San Antonio and Nueces Rivers and Tributaries, Texasen_US
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