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Title: CE-QUAL-RIV1 : a dynamic one-dimensional (longitudinal) water quality model for streams : user's manual
Authors: Water Operations Technical Support Program (U.S.)
Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Keywords: Dynamic
Water quality model
Computer program
Numerical models
Mathematical models
User's manual
User's guide
Unsteady flow
Water quality
Environmental aspects
Environmental effects
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Instruction Report
Abstract: A dynamic, one-dimensional (longitudinal), water quality model for unsteady flows in rivers and streams, CE-QUAL-RIV1, is presented. CE-QUAL-RIV1 is developed in two parts, hydrodynamic and water quality. Output from the hydrodynamic solution is used to drive the water quality model. The hydrodynamic code uses a four-point implicit Newton-Raphson procedure to solve the nonlinear St. Venant equation. Numerical accuracy for the advection of sharp gradients is preserved in the water quality code through the use of the explicit two-point, fourth-order accurate, Holly-Preissmann scheme. Water quality constituents include temperature, dissolved oxygen, carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand, organic nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, orthophosphate phosphorus, coliform bacteria, dissolved iron, and dissolved manganese. The effects of algae and macrophytes are also included. The model allows simulation of branched river systems with multiple hydraulic control structures, such as run-of-the-river dams, waterway locks and dams, and reregulation dams. The model was developed to simulate the transient water quality conditions associated with highly unsteady flows that can occur on regulated streams. NOTE: This file is large. Allow your browser several minutes to download the file. Also note that the report has been released in a revised edition with the report number Instruction Report EL-95-2. The title of that report is the same as this one.
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