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Title: Program documentation and user's guide : PCDDF89, primary consolidation and desiccation of dredged fill
Authors: Stark, Timothy D.
Keywords: Computer program
Confined disposal facilities (CDF)
Dredged material
Dredging spoil
Finite strain
Dredging Operations Technical Support Program (U.S.)
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
Series/Report no.: Instruction Report (Dredging Operations Technical Support Program (U.S.)) ; no.Instruction Report D-91-1
Abstract: The US Army Corps of Engineers has developed a computer program to model consolidation and desiccation that occurs in confined dredged material placement sites; the program is entitled "Primary Consolidation and Desiccation of Dredged Fill (PCDDF)." The program is equally applicable to other soft, fine-grained deposits. Although originally written for operation on a mainframe computer, the program has been modified to run on an IBM (or compatible) microcomputer with a math coprocessor. It has recently been extensively revised and modified into a more user-friendly version that is referred to as PCDDF89. This report contains a brief description of the mathematical model used in PCDDF89 and an extensive user's guide. PCDDF89 simulates the consolidation and desiccation processes in fine-grained soils using the finite strain theory of consolidation and an empirical desiccation model. Settlement is calculated for each compressible layer within the area, and a cumulative settlement for all dredged fill and compressible foundation layers is determined. Additional layers of dredged fill can be added at any time. A total of 25 types of dredged fill and 25 foundation layers can be analyzed in one simulation. An interactive interface has been developed for PCDDF89. The interactive data input program, INPCDDF, allows users to easily convert existing PCDDF data files to the new multi-material data format of PCDDF89. The interactive program also allows the creation of new data files and editing of existing files.
Description: Instruction Report
Gov't Doc #: Instruction Report D-91-1
Rights: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited
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