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dc.descriptionGeneral Reevaluation Report and Integrated Environmental Impact Statementen_US
dc.description.abstractThis document focuses on the portion of the Trinity River which flows through the southeast sector of the city of Dallas, Texas. The purpose of this study is to reevaluate the feasibility of implementing a previously authorized flood control project. This document addresses the economic and environmental feasibility and impacts of the authorized plan, and reformulated alternatives and recommendations. The flood control alternatives and recommendations previously developed by the Corps were reevaluated based on the current level of economic development and ecological value. As a result, a wide array of structural and non-structural alternatives were developed and investigated by the Fort Worth District. Based on the investigations performed, construction of an off-channel flood control swale incorporating environmental restoration in the form of a chain of wetlands, Standard Project Flood (SPF) levees on both sides of the river, and recreation facilities was found to be the best alternative for the study area, and is the Recommended Plan for this portion the Trinity River Basin. The term "Standard Project Flood" or "SPF", as used throughout this document, is defined as the flood that may be expected from the most severe combination of meteorologic and hydrologic conditions that are considered to be reasonably characteristic of the geographical region involved, excluding extremely rare combinations. The SPF usually has a 0.3 to 0.08 percent probability of being equaled or exceeded in any year, and is usually between 40 and 60 percent of a Probable Maximum Flood (PMF). The SPF represents a "standard " against which the degree of protection for a project may be judged and compared with protection provided at similar projects in other localities. For this project site, the SPF has a 0.125 percent probability of exceedance.en_US
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dc.subjectDallas (Tex.)en_US
dc.subjectTrinity River (Tex.)en_US
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dc.titleGeneral Reevaluation Report and Integrated Environmental Impact Statement : Dallas Floodway Extension, Trinity River Basin, Texasen_US
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