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Title: CE-QUAL-W2 : a numerical two-dimensional, laterally averaged model of hydrodynamics and water quality : user's manual
Authors: Environmental and Water Quality Operational Studies (U.S.)
Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
Keywords: CE-QUAL-W2
Computer program
Numerical models
Mathematical models
Water quality
User's guide
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Instruction Report
Abstract: This manual describes the two-dimensional, laterally averaged hydrodynamic and water quality model CE-QUAL-W2 developed by the Environmental and Hydraulics Laboratories, US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, and provides guidance in its use. The model was developed primarily for use in reservoirs but has applicability to lakes, rivers, and estuaries. The manual is organized into four major parts with several appendixes. In Part I, CE-QUAL-W2 is introduced to the reader by summarizing its major usages, attributes, and historical development. Part II addresses model capabilities, assumptions, and limitations and supplies the basic information required to use the model. Part III outlines in detail the structure of CE-QUAL-W2, including the basic model equations and solution procedures. Part IV provides additional details of data assembly, presents literature values of various coefficients and constants, and discusses how to calibrate the model and interpret output. The appendixes include: Appendix A, a description of various programming aspects; Appendix B, a glossary of variables and coefficients used in CE-QUAL-W2; and Appendix C, a description of the statistical and graphics routines. NOTE: This report covers the initial version of CE-QUAL-W2 developed by the Corps of Engineers. The program has received two major updates. An update in 1995 was described in the Instruction Report EL-95-1 "CE-QUAL-W2 : two-dimensional, laterally averaged, hydrodynamic and water quality model, version 2.0 user manual" which is available at the following link: . The program was further updated in 2000 in ERDC WQTN-AM-09 "CE-QUAL-W2, Version 3", which is available at the following link:
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